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Matrox Drivers Installation for Imager Version 5.6 and Up

Note: This version of Matrox Drivers is for Imager version 5.6 and up only. Click here if your Imager version is 5.5 or below.


The 3rd-party (Matrox) drivers are required for the Imager application to control the Matrox frame grabber hardware board.

The Matrox drivers can be installed either before or after the Vascular Research Tools (VRT) installation.

Installation Program

The installation program is named: MIL80-CP-Drivers.exe

The installation program can be found under the Utilities folder in your Vascular Research Tools installation CD. Or can be downloaded by right mouse clicking the web link below and select "Save" when prompted:

Installation Steps

  1. Make sure the Matrox CronosPlus frame grabber is installed inside the computer. Follow the Matrox frame grabber hardware installation guide to install the frame grabber board.
  2. Run the Matrox driver installation program MIL80-CP-Drivers.exe. Follow the on-screen instructions.
  3. Check the "CronosPlus" board in the "Select the board driver(s) that you want to install" dialog, as show below. Take the default settings for the rest.

Screen shot of the frame grabber board selection window

Reboot the computer at the end of the installation when prompted.
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