Cardiovascular disease is the primary cause of death in the Western World. Stroke and heart attack are frequently the first visible symptoms. We offer a family of products for quantitative assessment of cardiovascular risk and disease extent from vascular ultrasound images.

Osteoarthritis and articular cartilage injuries are the second most frequent cause of illness (following cardiovascular diseases). We offer a family of products for quantitative analysis of cartilage disease extent, cartilage thickness and functional status from 2D and 3D MR image data.


FMD and IMT Reading
We provide Brachial ultrasound FMD, Carotid ultrasound IMT, and cartilage MR image analysis services, including complete analyses of clinical trial data. The measurements are performed by experienced analysts using our Brachial Analyzer, Carotid Analyzer, and Cartilage Analyzer (CartA) programs.
News & Publications
New Release: Aortic Analyzer for Reserach Software application for quantitative analysis of aortic morphology and function for MR or CT data. Multi-platform supports for Windows and MacOS.
New Release: Vascular Research Tools 6
Significant improvements on the user experiences: speed, workflow, look and feel of the application. Fully compatible with the previous versions.

New Release: Vascular Imager 6 Use latest digitizing hardware and software. Support multiple input video formats: SD, VGA, DVI HD, etc., gated or non-gated. Compression is available as add-on option.

Awarded NIH Small Business Grant to develop an internet-based distributed system for analyzing 4D Aortic MR/MDCT Images.

Dark Chocolate Improves the Function of Blood Vessels. ACC 2007. Presented by Yale researchers using MIA Vascular Research Tools.

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