Exhibit at the Annual North America Artery Meeting 2016
Gold sponsorship. Exhibit FMD, Carotid, Aortic analysis products in Chicago, Illinois

New Release: Aortic Analyzer For Research
Software application for quantitative analysis of aortic morphology and function for MR or CT data. Support Windows, MacOS, and Linux environments.

New Release: Vascular Research Tools 6
Significant improvements on the user experiences: speed, workflow, look and feel of the application. Fully compatible with the previous versions.

New Release: Vascular Imager 6
Use latest digitizing hardware and software. Support multiple input video formats: SD, VGA, DVI HD, etc., gated or non-gated. Compression is available as add-on option.

Can Fish Oil Supplementation Improve Endothelial function?
A group of reseachers in Flinders University, South Australia, exams the effects of fish oil supplement using Brachial Anlyzer for Research. Dove Medical Press, 2013

Awarded NIH Small Business Grant
We are awarded a three-year Phase I/II fast-track STTR grant to develop an internet-based distributed system for analyzing 4D Aortic MR/MDCT Images.

Dose-response Effects of Omega-3 Fatty Acids on Endothelial Function
Reseachers in Penn State compares the effects of a nutritional dose of EPA+DHA with those of a pharmaceutical dose, using Brachial Analyzer. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 2010.

Exhibit at AAOS Annual Meeting 2009
Cartilage Analysis software CartA will be presented at the American Association of Orthopaedic Surgeons Annual Meeting Technical Exhibits in Las Vegas, Nevada. Wednesday February 25 - Friday February 27, 2009. Booth #4347.

Dark Chocolate Improves the Function of Blood Vessels - from American College of Cardiology scientific meeting 2007, presented by Yale researchers using the MIA Vascular Research Tools - Brachial Analyzer for Research in their study.

Exhibit at AHA Scientific Sessions 2005
Vascular Tools and Vascular Research Tools software were presented at the American Heart Scientific Sessions Exhibit in Dallas, TX. Sunday November 13 - Tuesday November 15, 2005. Booth #1012.

FDA Approval for Vascular Tools 5
December 2004: Vascular Tools version 5 received FDA 510K clearance for clinical usage. Vascular Tools 5 includes two software applications for Brachial FMD and carotid IMT analysis.


Vascular - clinical use
Vascular Tools 5- FDA Approved - clinical assesment of FMD/endothelial function of brachial artery and IMT/intimal-medial thickness of carotid artery from ultrasound image data.

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Vascular - research use
Vascular Research Tools 6
- Vascular Tools plus additional modules for carotid plaque analysis, vascular compliance. Includes additional reporting flexibility, well suited for clinical trials. Available as software or as turn-key integrated workstations, for investigational use only.

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Aorta - research use
Aortic Analyzer
... software for quantitative analysis of aortic morphology and function for MR or CT data in 3D and 4D

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Cartilage -
... software for quantitative analysis of cartilage MR image data in 2D and 3D

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