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  • Quantitative analysis of cartilage morphology in the joint area
  • Quantitative analysis of Cartilage Thickness in 2D and 3D MR images of knee joints
  • DICOM 3.0 compatibility
  • MS Excel and SAS output compatibility
  • Convenient reporting of results

Key Features

3D Detection of Cartilage & Bone Surfaces of Knee Joint Area

  • Simultaneous automated detection of 6 surfaces in mutual context
  • User-friendly graphical interface
  • Ease of use in work flow settings
  • Interactive bone surface rendering in 3D
  • Color-coded cartilage thickness on bone surfaces
  • Corresponding 2D and 3D displays

Quantitative Analysis and Interactive Measurements of Cartilage Thickness

  • Cartilage volume, mean and standard deviation of cartilage thickness
  • Histograms of cartilage thickness distribution
  • Convenient manual editing of results if necessary
  • Real-time measurement of cartilage thickness in an interactively specified location
  • User-modifiable distribution setttings.
  • Multiple report formats.

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Screen Shots
  • Inherently 3-D surface analysis & measurements
  • Femur


  • Interactive cartilage thickness measurement provided for any location in the 3D joint area
  • XY View

    YZ View

  • Instant on-screen reporting upon analysis
  • Report can be exported to HTML or PDF document, allowing archiving and printing


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