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Brachial Analyzer and Brachial Analyzer for Research.

Common Problems and Solutions
  1. The analysis is slower than usually when the Results window is open and the calculated diameter function is displayed in real time.
    Solution: Real-time display of the brachial diameter and the frame status symbols (*/r/e/i/e) is useful for analysis process monitoring but computationally demanding. The slow-down should not be noticeable on a faster computers. On slower machines, close the Results window when performing the sequence analysis.

  2. In image sequences with pronounced intimal layer at the far border, the first stage training correctly identifies the desired border (e.g., the medial layer) but the second stage border detection identifies a different well-visible border of the far wall.
    Train in another image frame with visually better image quality.

  3. The region of interest is not displayed.
    Make sure that the ROI display button is selected (pressed). This is an on-off toggle.

  4. The Brachial Analyzer does not show the resulting borders.
    Please make sure that the border display button is selected (pressed). This is an on-off toggle.

  5. The Brachial Analyzer sometimes does not show the resulting borders, the ROI box, and/or the calibration markers.
    This may be caused by an unfortunate selection of colors used to display borders and lines. To check that, click "Options" from the "View" menu, make sure the "Display Colors, Line Styles" tab is selected and make sure the selected colors (shown on the big squares) are visible. Bright colors are preferred for both the ROI and the border. In other words if a black color is selected you will have trouble seeing the border or ROI on an image. Make changes if necessary and click "OK" or "Apply".

  6. Some AVI image data can not be opened.
    Solution: Higher level of compression is not supported in order to achieve good quality of the analysis. Adjust the application that generates the AVI image data to use the non-compressed or minimal-compressed option for the image data.

  7. Unable to reset ROI.
    Solution: Open the “Initialization” control panel (Action -> Initialize) and go to Step 1 (you may or may not need to click the “Start Over” button, based on the status of your current analysis):

    This screen appears:

    Click the “Clear” button, then click in the middle of the vessel. A good and orderly ROI will appear. Proceed normally.

Vascular - clinical use
Vascular Tools 5- FDA Approved - clinical assesment of FMD/endothelial function of brachial artery and IMT/intimal-medial thickness of carotid artery from ultrasound image data.

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Vascular - research use
Vascular Research Tools 6
- Vascular Tools plus additional modules for carotid plaque analysis, vascular compliance. Includes additional reporting flexibility, well suited for clinical trials. Available as software or as turn-key integrated workstations, for investigational use only.

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Aorta - research use
Aortic Analyzer
... software for quantitative analysis of aortic morphology and function for MR or CT data in 3D and 4D

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Cartilage -
... software for quantitative analysis of cartilage MR image data in 2D and 3D

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