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Technical Support Areas

1. Installation and Activation

  • If a computer is connected to a Domain network, the installation and activation must be done using an account that has Local Administration privilege, not a Domain Administrator. Please contact MIA support if you have any question.

2. Licensing Support

3. Product-Specific Support

4. Ultrasound Machine Configuration

5. Microsoft Windows Related

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Vascular - clinical use
Vascular Tools 5- FDA Approved - clinical assesment of FMD/endothelial function of brachial artery and IMT/intimal-medial thickness of carotid artery from ultrasound image data.

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Vascular - research use
Vascular Research Tools 6
- Vascular Tools plus additional modules for carotid plaque analysis, vascular compliance. Includes additional reporting flexibility, well suited for clinical trials. Available as software or as turn-key integrated workstations, for investigational use only.

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Aorta - research use
Aortic Analyzer
... software for quantitative analysis of aortic morphology and function for MR or CT data in 3D and 4D

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Cartilage -
... software for quantitative analysis of cartilage MR image data in 2D and 3D

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